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Competition advantage

Stone Base is really considered as the leading selection in Stone powder production – Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) with the strategical competitive advantage of the professional and experienced for a long time.

The plentiful & high quality of resources.

The company primary material is chalky limestone. This is a particular and plentiful mineral in Vietnam with two leading quarries. One of them is Stone Base resources area – Yen Bai, Vietnam.


- Stone Base is always initiative of the input materials from 19 chalky limestone quarries in the region includes the RK Marble Vietnam Private Limited (invested by India).
- The distance between factory to the quarries only from 1.6km to 8km. Furthermore, the material quality is chosen carefully and sophisticatedly lead to the rate of high quality material is over 99% caused by the selection process is closely & strictly of the input material.
- The quality of stone does not depend on the single quarry when compared with other factory, and the quality is being tested and provided to other factory in the Yen Bai, Viet Tri, Hai Phong, etc … industrial park.

Integrated and advance technology.

The company product of Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is produced by the advance and leading automatic production technological process in the world, with the closely ultra-fine mill system, the advance separate equipment can customized pearl size from 5 microns. The control system which programmable by specialized software with the equipment of SIEMENS, ABB, DELTA,… by the European standard (Image of Production Chain) (Image of Stone Base Control Room) (Image of Siemens, ABB, Delta Display)


- The quality management system is very strict with the high accuracy testing equipment as Mastersize Malvern 3000E Particle Size Analysis System, Konica Minolta CR410 – Color Measurement Instrument (Image of Laboratory/ Mastersize Malvern 3000E Particle Size Analysis System, Konica Minolta CR410 – Color Measurement Instrument)
Human Resources

Stone Base personnel are recruited and trained intensively, the factory engineers usually are trained by the experienced experts to master in the production chain and resolve problems (if any). We always comply with the production process to ensure high quality of output product (Image of French expert is training for the engineers)


The material is nearly the export processing zone

With the advantage of closely 19 chalky limestone quarries, Stone Base has the great advantage not only in the management of product quality, but also in saving the delivery time of the material.

The domestic highway from Stone Base’s factory to Hai Phong international port would help to reduce the delivery time, higher safety delivery, lower delivery fees, and ensure the requirement of delivery time of goods.

Support in the international delivery

With the experienced in the Export-Import business, Stone Base always support the partner in Vietnam customs regulation by the International Delivery Terms. Especially, Stone Base commits to ensure the schedule of delivery (even with the delivery Terms at Terminal such as CIF/CFR/DAF, etc.…)


The Basic of Customs duty and Trading in Vietnam

Establish the Joint stock company contributed 100% by the member and directly invest to the project. The company operates by the Law on Enteprise and received the investment incentive by Law on Promotion of Investment and Law on Enterprise Income Tax in the investment region of Geographical areas with difficult economic conditions.

Pursuant to the Decree number 218/2013/NĐ-CP dated 26/12/2013 by Government in detailing and guiding the implementation of Law on Enterprise Income Tax, the company is free of tax in 4 year, reduced 50% of tax in 9 year thereof (with the Enterprise Income Tax is 10%) with the new Enteprise established in paragraph 1 Article 15 this Decree (Enterprise Income from implementation of the new investment project at the Geographical areas with difficult economic conditions is described in the Appendix under this Decree at Luc Yen District, Yen Bai province).


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