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Manufacture of Paper

Stone Base provides Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) – a popular additive in the manufacture of Paper, hold up to 20% structure in the industry of Paper such as: Ford Paper, Coshce paper, Briston paper, Duplex Paper, Ivory Paper, Metallic Paper, etc…


Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is a filler inside Paper structure and used as a coated paper. The product provides worldwide, which difference in pearl size, size allocation pearl, and suitable brighten for all applications.

Primary features
- High brighten
- High hardness
- Rheology

The Advantage of utility
- Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used as a filler to improve the property of optical, printing and saving costs by replacing another expensive fibre.
- Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used as a coated paper to continuously improve the optical property & surface by the way of selecting the pigment property carefully and provide the coated layers during contact with printer’s ink in the printing process.

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